Jeroen Luijt

Having worked in IT a few years Jeroen Luijt decided to go for his passion: photography. The IT job was terminated, he went to work at Gallery Color and enlisted the Fotoacademie.
At the academy Jeroen soon came up with the discipline he has since remained faithful: the still life.

He had made the right choice, evidenced by the fact that Jeroen his work has been variously identified in a short time. He reached third place and an honorable mention in the category of still lifes at the International Photography Awards and his work was included in the book 100 Dutch Emerging Talents. He was also nominated for an SO Award.

In his work he maintains two shapes. The abstract minimalist still life and the classic still life.
His broad interest in painting and particularly the Old Dutch Masters give him inspiration to create his work and it’s not just about the style, but also the content. The work must carry a certain symbolism.

Creating a still life (including the abstract work) is time consuming. In addition to the concept of preparing and making of the picture can be a long process. The making of one picture sometimes can take over a week.