About Refreshment Room

For inspiration and admiration.

Refreshment Room is a photography gallery for starting artists with an eye for stratification and quality. An artlover knows that a good work has an intrinsic, timeless quality. The value is not determined by the price or pretensions, but because it has an identity that bridges the gap between the artist and the person who enjoys it. The Refreshment Room connects the artlover and artist. The gallery in the Spuistraat Amsterdam has no normal openinghours but uses the rule,”we only talk when we have something to say”. If our artists have new work, our door will open. But always for inspiration and wonder.

Refreshment Room is an agency / gallery and let’s not beat around the bush, our intent is to bring new artists to your attention and sell their works. By selling, we can continue with beautiful new projects. Our gallery and artist are built on co-creation, with the aim of co-operative exhibitions and projects. The gallery supports artist with respect for ownership and signature of their work.

Who are we ?


In addition to the artists we have a curator / organizer,  Susan van ’t Slot. Susan graduated in museology at the Reinwardt Academy- Amsterdam University of the Arts, where she is now employed as a project leader. Susan frequency visits art fairs, galleries and museums. Because of her great love for art, and in particular photography, she started Refreshment Room in 2015 s




Our team!

Refreshment Room is a gallery based on co-creation so our artists are also our co-creators. But there are two persons that need to be put in the spotlight: Guido Heidebrink and Silvan Telgenkamp. Guido & Silvan are altlovers and collectors themselves. When you’ll find them on a show, fair or in the gallery there are specialists in art and especially photography, ask for there opinion or advice!

Museological twist

Refreshment Room is named after the first photo exhibition ever held in a museum. On 12 February 1858 at the V&A London in the “Refreshment Room”.

“The exhibition was not only the first to take place in that part of the museum. It was in fact the first exhibition of photographs to be held in any museum. Consisting of 1009 photographs, it was organised by the Photographic Society of London and included approximately 250 contributions from its French counterpart, the Société française de photography.”


See you at RR

Susan, Guido, Silvan and all of our Artists

Refreshment Room- Amsterdam